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Finally got Paint Tool Sai again. Getting a tablet pen tomorrow and super flippin' happy about it <:
|| DoD | Dahlia | Air Clan by tidyfallen
|| DoD | Dahlia | Air Clan

***Important Updates***
**Sorry that the image looks pixelized - - it is only temporary until I get a new tablet pen!**
1/16/15 Updated her bio. :eyes:


**[General Information]**

[ Name ]: Dahlia (Day-li-uh)
[ Age ]: 60 Moons || 5 years ||
[ Gender ]: Female
[ Clan ]: Air Clan
[ Rank ]: Guru


[ Description]: Dahlia is a light cream colored she-cat with a slender frame and ocean blue eyes. She has a blueish grey color point pattern, which means her ears, muzzle, paws, and tail are darker than the rest of her fur. Her fur length is short along her body, but as it reaches her tail, her fur becomes long and elegant. Her fur is sleek and silky; and her genes lean more towards her father.

[ Accessories ]: Dahlia wears a collar made especially for her out of twisted rabbit skin (like a rope). It is tied in a bow and ends in two glass beads. She has a similar tail bracelet. These were given to her by her father-who had a friend in Fire Clan who was willing to make the glass beads. These beads are made of crushed quartz and sand, and in the middle of each is a small bluebell petal-the light reflects of the petal and gives the beads a blue tint. Dahlia feels as if these accessories help her balance her chakras.

Dahlia also wears bluejay feathers on her right ear.

[ Breed ]:  Javanese (Strong-80%) x Turkish Angora (Weak-20%)

[ Fur Pattern ]: Blueish grey color point

[ Fur Texture ]: Her fur is short along her body except for her tail. Her tail has long and elegant fur, along with a few wispy fur pieces. These pieces curl and sometimes they flow in the wind-this gives her a very airy look!

[ Scent ]: She smells like fresh mountain rain and rosemary. She always has the subtle smell of the dahlia flower, and sandy windswept rock.

**[ Clan Information ]**

[ Born in ]: Air Clan

[ Current Rank ]: Guru

[ Bending Skills ]

|| Novice Skills||: Air Ball, Air Bullets, Air Shield, Suction

||Advanced||: Air Blades, Tornado, Asphyxiation

||Legendary||: Levitation

[ Stats ]:

(Out of 10 hit points)

[ Strength ]: 7/10 - - Medium

[ Speed ]: 9/10 - - High

[ Endurance ] 5/10 - - Low

[ Tactics ] 6/10 - - Medium

[ Bending ] 9/10 - - High


:bulletgreen:[ Outgoing ]: Dahlia does not seem like a very outgoing cat when you catch your first glimpse of her. She is a very reserved cat from first impressions, but once you see her in action, she is very bubbly and level-headed. She loves to help her clan mates in any way that she can. She often gives advice and has many deep conversations with those who ask her for advice. She loves to tell stories to the young and help them with their bending skills.

:bulletgreen:[ Happy/Passionate ]: Dahlia never has a dull moment. She is always trying to make the best out of everything and she tries to look at the bright side of everything. Her soft; yet loud laugh brings much happiness to others as well. Her goal is to make her clan happier than they already are.When Dahlia finds a subject she is greatly interested in, she will indulge herself within this subject. She tries to learn as much as she can about it, and she will usually be very excited about what she indulges herself in. Not only this, but when she finds a love, she will be very passionate towards them. She will smother them in love and talk to them about things she finds interesting. She connects to others on a different level.

:bulletgreen:[ Motherly ]: Her loving nature makes her a motherly figure!

:bulletyellow:[ Focused ]: Dahlia is not the type to have her attention taken away so quickly. She pays attention to details and things most cats would miss.

:bulletyellow:[ Knowing ]: Dahlia is very intelligent. She acquired great knowledge from her mother and father. She knows herself very well and she is still discovering. After years of rigorous training and studying, she surely knows it paid off. Her knowledge is vast, but there are still many things she does not know. If others point out mistakes, she accepts them and tries to fix them in the future. She loves to discover.

:bulletyellow:[ Strong/Hard ]: Dahlia is stronger emotionally than she is physically. She isn’t afraid of a lot of things, and she is a fighter. She is always trying to build her strength, physically and emotionally. She may seem fragile on the outside-but inside she can survive many hardships. This might be because of her past-she had learned to accept and deal with things logically as a young she-cat.

:bulletred:[ Critical ]: As a teacher, Dahlia might be very hard on her apprentice. Her apprentice may not like her critical way of teaching, but as Dahlia sees it, this will build stronger character. Sometimes she tries to loosen up her “critical” nature, but she does so rarely. She is always thinking of her apprentice’s future, and how hard things may come. They need to be able to face the challenges and be able to get through them unscratched. This also applies to her daily life, during times of importance and meetings.

:bulletred:[ Worry ]: Dahlia loves her clan. She would do anything for her clan-even if it meant giving up her life. Because of this, she worries a lot. She wants her clan mates to be safe and happy at all times. Sometimes her worry makes her mood low and she will most often hide it well. Her worry can be crippling sometimes, which is why her planning skills are not the best.

:bulletred:[ Overly Protective ]: Ever since her mentor Birch died, Dahlia is very protective of her clan. She feels especially protective of her mother, the kits and the elders of her clan. Dahlia has a lot of hidden anger for those who disrespect her mother and the young; and those who disrespect elders. She is known for gladly giving up her life for the well-being of the clan.


[ Trivia ]

(Will add more later!)

Dahlia loves to sit in the rain and contemplate and plan issues.

Dahlia loves to tell stories and be around kits-it’s her motherly nature!

Dahlia loves the scars on her shoulder blades. It reminds her to be courageous  as Birch once was.

Fire Clan cats scare her. Like...hella scary

**[ Sexuality ]**

[ Sexual Orientation ]: Bisexual

[Romantic Orientation ]: Demiromantic and Biromantic

[ Experience ]: Virgin

[ Likes ]

    -         Heterochromica

    -         Amber or Green eyes

    -         Feminine and Regal Beauty

    -         Strong Male cats

    -         Loyalty

    -         Different Colored Pelt

    -         Spotted Noses!

[ Doesn’t Like ]



-Showing anger to kits or elders

[ Looking for ]
( x ) Short term relationship
) Long term relationship
x) Open relationship
( x ) Quick fling

[ Crush ]: N/A

[ Former Dates ] N/A

[ Relationship Status ]: Single

[Mate]: N/A

[ Kits ]: N/A

[ Fertility ]: Somewhat fertile. 40% of getting her pregnant.


***[ History ]***

[ Kitten ]: Dahlia was born to the Air Guru Basil and Lady Jasmine, in the sacred time of Autumn. Although the breeze had shown the last good humor; Basil and Jasmine spending this time together. Jasmine gave birth to Dahlia; and Dahlia had been the only kit to survive in her litter. Lady Jasmine was thrown into grief; and Basil was sad that his daughter would not have any siblings. They both feared that Dahlia would be sad about this, and they needed some way to keep their daughter happy at all times. Lady Jasmine introduced Dahlia to the other kits in the clan. Her playful nature began to show through, and her heart was full of love. As a kitten, she had discovered her Air element fairly quickly. Yet, she was too young to understand this power, and her focus was towards making many friends!

[ Apprentice ]: Basil knew he had to find a good cat to mentor his daughter. He knew it would be a good idea to train her himself, but he wanted her to have another figure for her to get close to. Basil searched for a cat that could help Dahlia discover her  inner strengths; her Air Element. He finally found the perfect cat, a she-cat by the name of Birch. Birch was old and scarred, but she was still strong and her skills were great. She was wise and she was a good teacher, and she would teach Dahlia rigorously. Birch paid much attention to all the students in her class, but the one she paid the most attention to was Dahlia. She watched as Dahlia would practice breathing techniques, filling her lungs and feeling the air within her lungs.

Birch noticed the long fur pieces on her tail that curled and flowed in the wind. Birch would always ask Dahlia to bend with her tail-and Dahlia would describe what she felt. Dahlia noticed her tail pieces could detect even the smallest air currents. Birch was pleased with this, she knew that Dahlia would have an advantage with this ability. Birch knew Dahlia would be a fast learner; yet this was only an assumption.

Dahlia did not do her bending alone. She would spend time with her classmates, bending with them. Although she was not the fastest learner, she tried her best and she laughed the whole time. Her classmates looked up to her as a role-model, and respected her very much. Dahlia respected them as well, and Birch was happy that Dahlia was learning good values. Basil would teach Dahlia the origins of Air Bending, and she studied for hours. She was improving at a slow pace, but as Dahlia saw it, she had all the time in the world.

On a warm summer day, when Dahlia was close to mastering her last Advanced skill, Birch asked Dahlia to take a walk with her. Dahlia felt honored and walked along  with her. Birch took her to a beautiful cliff, but she made sure to say tail-lengths away from the edge. “This is where I learned my last skill.” Birch said, looking straight at Dahlia’s wide eyes. “What skill was that?” She said eagerly. “Levitation.”

“You can Levitate!?” Dahlia said with surprise, just that one word made her respect grow larger for the old she-cat. “I am going to teach you how. Just follow my motions.” Birch said calmly, her movements fluid and her paws steady as she created a huge airball in her paws and she slipped it beneath her feet. Dahlia was amazed at what she was seeing and she wanted to try herself. She was determined. She then created an air ball, not nearly as large, but big enough for her to balance under her feet. She stepped upon it, her legs wobbling, her clumsy paws trying to balance. Dahlia opened her mouth to say something to Birch, but right then a huge gust of wind blew her of her air ball and sent her flying over the edge of the cliff. She yowled in terror, and without a thought Basil lept over the edge and sunk her claws into Dahlia’s shoulder blades, and threw her to safety. Dahlia cried out for Basil but she could not hear, she had hit many rocks along the way.

Birch died that day, and Dahlia had trouble coping. She tried to practice her bending, but she was always distracted, that horrid bone-shattering sound in her mind. The sound of Birch’s body slamming into rocks. She couldn’t get it out of her mind, and it took many moons to accept and try to erase the memory from her mind.  She meditated for many hours, gaining much knowledge from Birch’s courage.

Dahlia then befriended the Head Monk.

[ Head Monk ]

Dahlia hadn’t really known the Head Monk, but she thought this would be a wonderful time to speak to him. He went by the name Sand and Dahlia began to go under his guidance. Basil found out and was pleased his daughter was finally overcoming her grief. She could begin to train again, but this time she would train in spiritual matters. She learned many things from him, but Dahlia never did get close to Sand. She was a little closed off in this time of her life, and Sand understood why. Dahlia respected Sand, but she did not respect him as much as Birch.

Sand was becoming old and he was becoming more connected with the spirit world. Sand suspected that he would die soon and he wanted Dahlia to take his place. Dahlia was ecstatic that she would become a Head Monk, and her heart became happy once more. They held a ceremony for her and all her clan mates respected Dahlia as the new Head Monk; and paid respect to Sand once he had died.

[ Guru ]

Dahlia’s father was growing old. Basil feared that Dahlia would be thrown into a terrible grief once more; and Basil wanted to distract her from this. Lady Jasmine was proud of her daughter, as she was well on her way to becoming a Guru, to take her father’s place. Dahlia felt that this would be the ultimate honor to her small family. It was close to Autumn, and Dahlia knew her father would want to hold a ceremony for her, so that she could take her father’s place as Guru. Basil’s eyesight and senses where failing, and something had to be done quickly. She was given a ceremony.

Dahlia’s fur was painted with blueberries, in intricate blue arrows along her body. Lady Jasmine dipped her paw in the blueberry paint and placed her pawprint on her forehead. Basil did the same, and they touched foreheads for a moment. Basil knew how much Dahlia wished Birch was here. Dahlia then stepped outside, on a bright day, helping her father walk alongside her. Basil called the Clan to circle around Dahlia. Each cat put their paw in the blueberry paint and placed their paws on different parts of her body, until the whole clan had left a paw print on her fur. She felt honored and her old classmates were ecstatic.

“I have grown old, and my senses are failing me.” Basil announced. “My daughter has grown wise and I feel she is ready to take my place.” He looked regal and proud. The cats yowled in approval and many made a whistling sound with the wind. “I am proud of her. She will teach you all well, bring us happiness for many moons.” Basil said, looking down at her with love. Dahlia looked over at her clan mates, now that she had her father’s title passed down to her. They all made yowls again and excited sounds, and her heart swelled with happiness. “I promise I will guide and bring happiness to all.” Dahlia announced. Basil then turned to Dahlia. “I give these gifts to you, to show your status and the knowledge you have earned.” He said, pulling out the collar and the tail bracelet. He placed these gifts on her. “This is our new Guru now.”

 Shortly after, her father died. A burying ceremony was held, and all cats paid respect to him by spending vigil. Dahlia spent this vigil with Jasmine. After this vigil, Dahlia tried to help her mother stay happy. Dahlia was just as sad and was wondering how this good hurt so much, even after all her years of training for acceptance. Dahlia took her mother out to sit and meditate with her in the rain, telling her to take the energy of renewal from the rain. She called many gatherings and told old stories to kits and showed techniques to apprentices. All cats in the clan seemed shaken up by Basil’s death; but Lady Jasmine and Dahlia always tried to cheer the cats up.

**[ Family]**

:skull: Dead
:bulletblack::bulletblack: Hate/Disgust

:bulletblack: Dislike

:bulletwhite::bulletblack: Unsure

:bulletwhite: Acquaintance

:bulletyellow: Uneasy/Unsure

:bulletgreen: Friend

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Respect

:bulletgreen::bulletblue: Close Friend

:bulletpink: Attraction

:bulletpink::bulletred: Lust

:bulletred::bulletred: Love

:rose: Mate

:bulletpurple::bulletblue: Family

  [ Parents ]

[Father]: Guru Basil {NPC}|| A sleek, cream colored Javanese with blueish grey color-point and cobalt blue eyes. [ Deceased X]

[Mother]: Lady Jasmine {NPC} || A black smoke patterned Turkish Angora with ocean blue eyes ||Alive||

***[ Relationships ]***
[ Air Clan ]

:skull::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletred::bulletpurple::bulletblue: [ Basil ]: He was my father, and I loved him with all my heart. I will never forget what he did for me and how proud he looked when he gazed at me. He always will have a special place in my heart!”

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletred::bulletpurple::bulletblue: [ Lady Jasmine ]: My mother, oh how sweet she is. She is always looking out for me and makes sure I look my best and do my best. She holds a place in my heart, right beside my father.”

:skull::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletred:[ Birch ]: “Birch saved my life. I love her so much for doing so, I cannot express this in words. She taught me about myself and true courage, and this is something I will never forget.”

[ Fire Clan ]
[ Water Clan ]
[ Earth Clan ]

***[ Roleplay Sample ]:***

{Dahlia and NPC Lady Jasmine}

“Oh how my heart swells for the well-being of my clan. I love them so.” Dahlia said in a soothing voice to Lady Jasmine. Lady Jasmine laughed and looked at Dahlia’s eyes. “You always did have my eyes.” She laughed, seeming to not have paid any attention to what Dahlia was saying. “Why do you say that?” Dahlia asked in confusion. “Because you always looked just like your father. I could never figure out anything that looked like me. Except your eyes. Those ocean blue eyes.” Lady Jasmine said and looked proud about that. Dahlia smiled as a cat would and turned her head when she heard her name being called. “Guru! Dahlia!” A young kits voice could be heard. She calmly walked outside of her den and saw the kit who called her name. “Can I show you something? Please?” He pleaded. She looked warm; and her eyes showed this. “Yes, of course young one.” She said as she walked beside the excited kit. As she watched him try to show her his new found air skills, she let her focus drift away, the first time in a while. As she watched, her mind drifted to other places….

I haven't been on here for a while. I am hoping to get a new tablet pen so that I can share my art with you guys (:

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